Black Country Carnivorous, Houseplant and Orchid Society


BCCHAOS wants to move away from old fashioned, stuffy orchid and gardening societys and recognise that growers may be enthusiasts for many different plant species, grown in many different conditions.

We understand that most people dont have space or time for a greenhouse or a garden, although we still welcome those lucky people that do, so windowsill and indoor growers are especially welcome.


Meetings to be confirmed.



A disatisfaction with orchid and plant societies that seem stuck in the past and dont wish to engage with members through modern technology. The desire to create a more inclusive society of plant enthusiasts.


Open and welcoming to all is our core belief. Anyone with an interest in growing awesome plants is welcome.


Pretty much anything that fits the C,H, and O in the name. From Nepenthes to Vandas to Succulents to Chillis - If you grow it and are enthusiastic about it join in!


You've found the website, join in on Twitter or Facebook and look out for meetings. In the meantime, get growing and share pics and information


Anywhere really. Joys of internet. In the 'real' world, The UK West Midlands, Worcestershire and surrounding areas.


Its a modern age - no printouts, no monthly letters in the post, we can do this all online!